As a strategic, conceptual creative with over 20 years of ad agency experience, I’ve been fortunate to work on some nice accounts. Over the course of my career I’ve helped create some memorable, effective work.

Often contributing as a writer as well as an art director, my work has been published in How Magazine,
Communication ArtsLürzer’s International Archive, and Ad Age.

I also teach a course called “Strategies and Concepts” at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in the Visual Communications Department.

The thing I like most about advertising is that (usually) the best idea wins.

Over the past few years, my ad agency, VENOSDEL Advertising & Design has been helping less established brands realize their potential.

My other venture, Lucky 13 Unbracketed LLC, recently launched a new social and digital platform for the Men’s College Basketball Tournament called 13 Unbracketed.






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